I listened Salvatore Adamo's songs from my childhood, from 1976 or so. Approximately in 1980 I lost his traces and grew up without any knowledge of where he was or what he was doing...


Not long ago, in October 2017, I was searching YouTube for something new and suddenly saw Adamo's video... It surprised me a little, and I decided to find out some facts of his biography.

Wow!!! His birthday is November 1.  To tell the truth, it was very unexpected to me. Both my husbands, son and many friends were born in the last days of October or first days of November.

Most of all, when my son entered the World on November 4, it was snowing heavily, though the day before it had been a warm and sunny day... "Tombe le neige"... )))

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Why Adamo?

Just look...